My Work and Activities

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Česko.Digital Link to heading

Česko.Digital is a community of specialists from many fields, from IT to project management to marketing, with various background. NGO, public administration, business, and more. We guide non-profit organizations and public administrations through the process of digital transformation, and our goal is for them to be able to use the potential of digital technologies and thus increase their impact.
My role is called Community Experience Lead - I take care of the backgroudn processes, community operations, community building, and the overall positive experience of our community members.
I am also one of the administrators of the Česko.Digital’s open discussion forum Diskutuj.Digital.

PyLadies Link to heading

PyLadies is an international initiative which focuses on bringing more women to IT and IT to women and to become active participants in the Python open-source community. In the Czech Republic, our main activities are Python courses and workshops for beginners and I am one of the organizers of those events.
As an alumni, I joined PyLadies CZ in 2017 as an organizer of local programming courses and workshops.
Currently, I support “new generation” of organizers, handle socail media, and represent our community at various events.

Czech Python Community Link to heading

In addition to PyLadies, I am also an active member of the Czech Python Community. I help with local community meetups, co-organize PyCon CZ (see below), and I am a board member of our service NGO Pyvec.

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3 Faces of Just Transition 2024 Link to heading

Second edition of this conference, this time focused on sustainable work and jobs.
I have been responsible for the overall production. Conference website

Creative Bureaucracy Festival - Hub Prague 2022 - 2024 Link to heading

I took care of the whole production of this event in 2022 and have been administering the website since 2022. In 2024, I was responsible for the whole workshop agenda of the festival, including facilitator’s guidance.
Creative Bureaucracy Festival

EuroPython 2024 Link to heading

I was a part of the EuroPython Operations team, taking part in online helpdesk, #IAmRemarkable workshop organization, and coordination of conference catering.
EuroPython 2024, Prague & Remote

Global Donut Day 2023 in Prague: 3 Faces of Just Transition Link to heading

An environmentally-focused event organized by Doughnut Czechia and Pábení at the occasion of Global Donut Day. The goal was to interconnect representatives from business, non-profit and state administration who work or want to work to ensure a good life within the limits of the planet for all Czechs.
I was hired to take care of the event production.
3 Faces of Just Transition 2023

PyCon CZ 2016 - 2023 Link to heading

I attended the very first PyCon CZ 2015 in Brno and that was a beginning of my long-lasting relationship with Czech Python community. I was volunteering at PyCon CZ 2016 and 2017, and in 2018 I joined the core organizing team. Besides the group tasks I was responsible mainly for social media, and in 2023 also for coordinating onsite volunteers.
2018 2019 2023

Open Source Driving the European Digital Decade Link to heading

Kick-off event for a foundation of the Czech Open Source Program Office. I was a part of the core organizing team.
At this event, the Brno Open Source Declaration was announced.
Open Source Driving the European Digital Decade

PyLadies CZ Courses and Workshops Link to heading

I organized several semestral courses for beginners, and follow-up courses (e. g. Linux Administration, Python Libraries). Although I am no longer active as a main organizer, I still participate in organizing PyWorkings - day-long narrowly focused workshops (e.g. Git, Data Analysis with Python, Linux for beginners).

SolarWinds Meetups Link to heading

As a part of the SolarWinds Brno team, I was responsible for branding, meetups, and other community events until October 2020.
SolarWinds Meetup Website

My work covered overall organization of small or mid-size local meetups, and also production of bigger international gatherings, such as:
TechSummit 2016
TechSummit 2017, including 3 public workshops

Projects Link to heading

We Teach Online Link to heading

The We Teach Online (Učíme online) project was created in the spring of 2020 as a community activity of the non-profit organization Česko.Digital in cooperation with the community, GEG ČR, Microsoft Student Training Center, Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts, Google ČR, Microsoft ČR and American Academy.
I sterted in January 2021 as a Project Manager and after several months moved to the coordinating and supportig role for a volunteer team who took over the main operation of the project. In 2022, we handed over the project partly to People in Need and partly to the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic.

Public presentations Link to heading

Here you can find recordings of my participations at various events.